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Barrel Aged 18 Years



"the neighborhood has really embraced garnett’s," a waitress tells me. right at the corner of park and meadow, garnett’s is a great destination for any meal of the day for the hundreds that live within walking distance. it’s a friendly neighborhood spot with a mean sandwich and a daily pie. garnett’s is cute, quaint, and whimsical, much like the fan surrounding it. 

after its opening three years ago, garnett’s has become a destination for a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a cup of hot soup, a slice of pie, or a full-fledged date night meal. the servers are warm and friendly, and you’ll often see one of your neighbors strolling by or coming inside.

graphic art, embroidery, and china plates line the walls, soft music plays overhead, and sunlight streams in, especially over the booth against the wall that faces meadow, which has been voted richmond’s most romantic booth. it’s also a great one from which to people-watch on a sunny day.

but whether you live in the fan or not, garnett’s is a perfectly decorated, perfectly homey establishment where you’ll simultaneously eat a perfectly prepared meal. 

so what’re you waiting for? dig in.

Garnett’s is one of my favorite places

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